Membership strengths survey

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What is your current membership status at SBRPC? Please choose one.
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Select as many or as few as apply. (The term extensive experience is subjective but here refers to AT LEAST two years of work or volunteer experience in any of the following areas.)
In your own words, what is your current occupation? If you are stay-at-home, retired, or otherwise unemployed, simply tell us what you have been trained to do or the last job title you had.
I feel called and equipped to serve in... *
I feel called and equipped to serve in...
Answer how much you agree or disagree with the idea that you are called to serve in the following areas of church service.
BUILDING / PROPERTY STEWARDSHIP :: (fixing broken appliances, lawn care, decorating, pest control, etc.)
HOSPITALITY :: (greeting people, serving coffee, cooking for the sick, etc.)
WORSHIP :: (singing, playing music, running sound, etc.)
CHILDREN'S MINISTRY :: (nursery work, teaching children's church, Vacation Bible School volunteering, etc.)
YOUTH MINISTRY :: (volunteer for youth events, leading youth group, etc.)
COLLEGE MINISTRY :: (cooking for RUF students, hosting summer bible study, etc.)
WOMEN'S MINISTRY :: (leading bible studies, planning retreats, etc.)
MEN'S MINISTRY :: (leading bible studies, planning retreats, etc.)
IN-REACH :: (leading community groups, teaching Sunday School, planning retreats, etc.)
OUTREACH :: (volunteering with local ministries, finding opportunities to serve Baton Rouge, etc.)
MISSIONS :: (supporting missionaries, encouraging congregation to pray for missions, etc.)
Leave this field blank if you are not currently involved in any ministry or service.