mission to gardere


What is Gardere Initiative?

Gardere Initiative (G.I.), founded in 2006, is a non-profit organization in the Gardere area seeking to address substance abuse and other social ills that adversely affect the children, neighboring subdivision, and the city in general through spiritual intervention, collaboration and partnerships. Learn more about the organization here.

What does Gardere Initiative do?

G.I. offers a variety of services to both children and adults, including after-school tutoring, summer programs, and adult enrichment classes (ESL, financial literacy, etc.)

How can I get involved?

SBRPC partners with Gardere Initiative in three main ways:

  1. ESL Classes: meets at El Aposento Alto Church in Gardere on Sundays from 5:00-7:00pm. For volunteering information, email Jerry Parker at peregrineone@gmail.com.

  2. Love Fest Gift Drive: Christmas gift drive begins late October/early November. Members are given slips with age range and gender of children. Gifts are collected at SBRPC and given to Faith Chapel next door once drive is over. The Love Fest event where children are given the gifts are at a local church in the Gardere area on the first Saturday in December. SBRPC members are encouraged to attend the service and meet the wonderful families in the Gardere community!

  3. August School Supply Drive: School supplies are collected during June and July and delivered to Gardere Initiative offices. The Annual Back to School Extravaganza where supplies are given out is on the first Saturday in August.